Creative disposition and knowledge should be in harmony in all arts. It’s a fact whose dynamics I realized quite early, while playing with a camera during my school years. Communication. Projection. Familiar concepts. Natural course… Studies in Photography & Cinematography with a specialization in advertising and portraits.
Senses! Vision, as in Lighting.

Calculation of angles, as in Geometry.

Reflections, Refractions, as in Physics.

Art and Technology: Endless Research in various formats, shapes, colours, old “analog” as well as modern digital techniques. Utilization of Technological Solutions. Endless interplay with Analog and Digital cameras, using a photometer as a compass. Days and nights spent on the light table of the past, numerous hours that you failed to realize how fast have gone by in front of a monitor of the present.

Passion! Yes, but not just for the outcome. Intense effort for the journey to perfection that you can never accomplish, but strive to reach and capture through the diaphragm of your lenses, depicted on paper and other means.

Human! Philosophy. Idea. Creativity and Knowledge. Efficiency… On your own? No. Cooperation, Team Spirit, Common Objective but also Personal Initiative for the Team’s and Creativity’s benefit.

Responsibility! How important is it to complete a project? Research. Unique design and good preparation of a prescheduled Session.

Experience and Organization! The answer to a difficult Project or a call to cover an urgent event or a Project with little or no time for preparation.

Conditions! Day and night, in Greece and abroad, at special missions, at an aero photography, while the scorching sun is burning your hands and the camera or the cold and rain is hindering your movements, the result should always be right.

Equipment. An important parameter, but not a determinant factor for the Project. I Want, I Can and Chose to make usage of all reliable and effective units that Modern Technology can offer, because that is how my Creativity is Released. Technology should always be available to serve Art!

If your objective is not just a result….

If you seek Innovation and Uniqueness away from conventionality, ordinariness and any compromise…

I am a social guy