Dimitris KorderasDimitris Korderas, Editorial Director Marketing, Week & Daily Fax, Boussias Communications

We’ve been working with Kornilios for over 10 years, through Boussias Communications, and I believe that he’s got a pure talent in photography, possessing an exceptional ability to combine extraordinary creativity with technocratic realism in his work which is absolutely necessary in our field. This is something that I truly need to emphasize, given our long collaboration, not just for our group’s publications but also for the conferences and events that we organize. Above all, though, Kornilios loves what he’s doing and he does it with the utmost care and love. Maybe that is what matters the most in our times when everything is superficial and effortless.

Athina ZakaMarketing & PR Executive, Triumph International

We’ve worked with Kornilios on many demanding projects and that’s how he gained our confidence. As a multinational company, the quality result required is quite high. Our collaboration involved the coverage of events that we had been organizing for the Triumph Inspiration Award for consecutive years. This competition was about underwear designed by new talents and the demands of its coverage (video and photo shoot) entailed bringing out creation in a resourceful way, being imaginative and having a modern approach. Kornilios succeeded in impressing us and that is how our collaboration started. Ever since, we have worked on photo shoots for catalogues and many other projects.

Anna SykalouMarketing & Communications Manager, Randstad Hellas

We would recommend Kornilios photography for corporate photographs. Over the past years, Kornilios has been a permanent partner for all our events and marketing campaigns. As well as the quality of our images, he is flexible, reliable and understands the result we are seeking.

Yiannis KalogerakisCEO, Trainer JMK Anthropocentric Corporate Training

I had heard of people talking about a photographer’s eye.
And all I could see was photographs.
Until I came across photographs that were taken by Kornilios.
I then came across with his soul, his passion, his uniqueness. And then I finally realized what a photographer’s eye is. What Kornilios’s eye is. What it means to freeze the moment and give it significance. A significance which changes it all, seizes you and guides you through the creator’s passion. Every photograph is a statement of Soul and Art. And it is yours and his. Because if you meet Kornilios, you have no option but to make him your photographer. Thank you for giving significance to my moments.

Valentini KiriakidouPR & Image Manager, ORIFLAME HELLAS

How long has it been since the first time we worked together, Kornilios???!!! Manyyyyy…. I don’t even remember, 13, 15, 17 years…?
Big conferences, less or more demanding photo shoots, many hours of work always with good spirits, smile and enthusiasm for the best result.
A partner you truly enjoy working with.
I wish you can always do your hobby and “madness” as a profession and offer us the pleasure of more impressive creations.
Keep it up!!!!!!!

Ntinos ZotosSenior art director, communication factory

Professionalism, punctuality or experience? The ideal is when all the above are combined in one name. My friend, Kornilios, I thank you for our long collaboration, your professionalism, your ethos and your invaluable contribution to my work!

Xanthia KontogiorgaNetworks Marketing Manager, Eurobank

Mr. Sarantioglou is a valuable partner. He has a deep knowledge of the photography world and responds with accuracy to the demands of each project. He has always been able to capture the feeling and the atmosphere of the events that he has photographed.
What is more, he is punctual and communicative, quite important qualities for a photographer. I wish many successes and many beautiful shots.

Nancy VlontakiCreative art director shape magazine and freelance designer.

What I enjoyed the most while working with you was your creativity and your passion for what you do…. You could always see something where we could see nothing…. And as the renowned photographer Ansel Adams says, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it!”.

Liamis AntonisArt & Photography Director

As a professional, Kornilios is an informed photographer, technology savvy, punctual with his deadlines and able to depict a concept with the utmost accuracy. He is considered resourceful, insightful but also fit and able to create a theme for an impeccable and original photograph even on the peak of the Himalayas. During our collaboration in the ANT1 Group, he made me proud in all fashion photo shoots while working with the most demanding stylists and high-end hair dressers. He is highly recommended to anyone who desires an exceptional assignment adapted to the requirements of even the most demanding client. Enjoy him!